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      • Hello Sven
        I apologize because I replaced your name with Felix, I hope you will not mind.
        Here’s a photo of my final prototype: http://i.imgur.com/ue4SYG8.jpg
        My commands are a little different from yours.
        I did this:
        – Display 40×4
        – Compass LSM303, it is better than HMC5883L because it has an integrated accelerometer that corrects the pitch, roll and yaw
        – Strong power supply (Arduino has proven to be sensitive in the management of the electric motor so it should be well separated from noise)
        – Function knobs are different, the first one I called „Attack“ and it regulates the response of the rudder and the other is the „Sensitivity“ and it regulates where deviation from the course begins reaction (1..10)
        – To correct the course I have set rotary encoder.
        – I have a switch that choose mode (just compass, drive and car)
        Compass mode only showing heading, auto mode is the mode of the autopilot and the drive mode for manual control left / right with the rotary encoder
        – I’ve added a few buttons for various functions (turn left or right 90°, a useful feature in big game fishing)

        – Currently installing a Bluetooth adapter for connection to Android device (for setup parameters) or a remote controller (also useful for big game fishing)
        – The plan is also to Implement rudder angle sensor, for serious use of it is mandatory.

        Yesterday I tested the autopilot on the boat with the program in which the corrections with the idea from your code and everything is working very satisfactorily, but due to bad weather I could not do more tests.

        Thank you one more time, if I can not help feel free to ask.

        Zeljko Vincic

  1. Google translate 🙂


    Thank you one more time, if I can not help feel free to ask.

    Have to be:

    Thank you one more time, if I can help feel free to ask.

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